LaMarvin Ashley

Hello everyone, my name is LaMarvin Ashley. I am a 28-year-old former college graduate and athlete. I was born in McComb, MS. As an ambitious young man my work ethic and strong mind helped me stand out from other kids, but not only was I ambitious I was also wise for my age. I wanted more out of life and thought ahead once I seen that I was gifted early on athletically.

My life and like most young men and women began once I reached my senior year of high school. Scholarship offers started to come in and all that I had worked for athletically started to come back to me tenfold. After, signing my scholarship I quickly received the news that I was the first athlete in my school to receive a Division 1A scholarship in 15 years. That is one barrier that I am most proud of because just like in today’s journey I am working to knock down barriers so that others after me can have a shot at doing some amazing things with their lives. I quickly learned that in life you will have to be the first one to do things in order for others to follow your lead. I didn’t understand the impact that it would have on the sports in my community after I received my scholarship. Since that time period more than 10 athletes have receive scholarships to big Universities.

Fast forwarding to after I graduating from college in 2016, I had trouble finding jobs in my field of study. I started to look for jobs and had the humbling experience of working at a restaurant as a sever and grill cook. I call this experience humbling because I was just coming from being a big time athlete, graduating college, to now working and serving others. I was also just beginning to learn about forex at this time and eager to save up to invest in educational courses and that is how I met Rique Bentley. We met through social media after I contacted numerous traders asking for info on where I can find education. After a year of studying and learning from different traders my forex journey really begun and here we are today. On this journey together we want to help as many people as possible, no matter the age or gender. You guys will learn more about us as you follow us and our journey unfolds.